GRPSL have facilities to conduct the following tests:

  • Check for Conductivity of copper,
  • Thickness of galvanizing coating,
  • Thickness of Silver plating,
  • Contact resistance,
  • High voltage testing facility (PF) upto 33 KV
  • Mechanical Endurance test and
  • Operation Tests.
  • Routine and Acceptance Tests on High voltage isolators, 11 KV PCVCBs, and Operating Mechanism Boxes, as per IS / IEC standards & Customer Specification.
  • Temperature Rise Test upto 6000 Amps, and facility to conduct Mechanical Endurance Test with terminal loads.
  • GRPSL will arrange type tests at 3rd party Laboratories (CPRI, BHOPAL/ BANGALORE / HYDERABAD, IIT, Chennai, as per customer requirements.

GRPSL will also arrange special tests on Isolators, if  require.

  1. Electrostatically Induced Current Making and Breaking Test.
  2. Electromagnetically Induced Current Making and Breaking Test.
  3. Seismic  test. …. Etc.

Testing Facility for 11 KV VCBs: 

  • Ocilloscope for measurement of breaker parameters, like, opening & closing time of breaker, speed of the breaker. Contact mechanism, over travel etc.
  • Relays, CT & PTs and 2 KV Test facility for control panel testing
  • VCB Analyzer SCOPE make


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